Children’s Ministry

Programs involve children from 3 years old through the 5th grade. They come and learn about God’s Love through Bible devotions and hands-on experiences. Events include: Kid’s R.O.C  (Relying on Christ) Choir and Summer VBS. Also, the “Light it Up” Children’s Worship Services, and  Preschool “J.A.M. (Jesus and Me) Session” meets in the Children’s Education Building at 11 a.m. On Wednesdays, from 6:30-7:30 p.m., we have the “Kids in Action” programs. We also plan seasonal outings for  families to participate.

 Sunday School
9:45 am Sunday Mornings

K5 – 5th We use the Workshop Rotation Model. There will be skits, puppet shows, coat making, picture taking, cookie eating and much more.

3yrs.-5yrs. Will come to learn not just about God but how God wants us each to use our Manners. We will learn how being polite is not only the right thing to do but also the Godly thing to do.
Sunday Worship Programs
LIGHT IT UP K5 – 5th We meet at 11am in the New Educational Building upstairs for a great time of worship and praising God. Each week we take God’s word, break it down and apply it to our lives. Our approach is with a great deal of fun and excitement while never losing site of our focus ( planting the word of God in the children’s heart). We use music, science, movies, games, cheerleaders and much more to bring home the message each week. So come join us and get ready to Light It Up.

J.A.M. JESUS AND ME 3yrs – 4yrs. We meet in the 2nd story of the New Educational Building. Every week is a great adventure for our preschoolers. They are always doing some new cool thing to make God come off the pages of the Bible and be in the room with them. They learn through puppets, cool themed snacks, great crafts and much more. You do not want your child to miss seeing how cool Sundays really can be.

Wednesday Night Programs
Action Hour
3yr. – 3rd grade. Each Wed. these guys meet in the New Educational Building for a hour FULL of fun. From 6:30pm – 7:30pm your child will be running, jumping,dancing, crawling, rolling, singing, playing, laughing, bouncing but not sitting. The children spend an hour using all the energy that God gave them to express their love for God and His love for them. You don’t want your child to miss the amazing time.

4th grade – 7th grade. We will begin at 6:30pm and will have a Bible study along with games and food. This is a time for your older elem. and middle schooler to have some time for just them. This age is very hard and we try to give these young people a special time that they can have fun and worship God.

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