New Bible Study- Starting October 4, 2023 “Act Like Jesus”

In this eight-session video Bible study,  pastor and author Randy Frazee explains there is a difference between simply believing something in our heads and allowing those beliefs to shape our actions and behaviors. It is not enough to think like Jesus . . . we must also act like Jesus. For this reason, once we understand what we believe, we need to yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit and allow him to lead us to those biblical practices that will bring about spiritual transformation in our lives. As we do this, the Holy Spirit will lead us to make these resolutions:

  • I will worship God for who he is and for what he has done for me.
  • I will pray to God to know him, find direction for my life, and to lay my requests before him.
  • I will study the Bible to know God and his truth and find direction for my daily life.
  • I will dedicate my life to God’s purposes.
  • I will fellowship with Christians to accomplish God’s purposes in my life and in the world.
  • I will seek to understand my spiritual gifts so I can use them to fulfill God’s purposes.
  • I will give my resources to fulfill God’s purposes.
  • I will share my faith with others to fulfill God’s purposes.

Grounded in carefully selected scripture, Act Like Jesus is a churchwide discipleship program that will take you on a journey to become more like Jesus in your behaviors. This revised study, adapted from Part 2 of the Believe churchwide study, includes an updated video study and new content and questions adapted from the existing Believe Study Guide and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus by Randy Frazee.

If you would like to buy the study book, it is available through this link: